General Information

You may apply for benefits by completing an application and leaving it at or mailing it to the agency.
(Danville Social Services, PO Box 3300, Danville, Virginia 24543).

Applications are available at our office any time during regular office hours Monday through Friday 8 a.m. to 5 p.m.

choi game cau caApplications can also be downloaded from the .


All information that you provide is confidential. Information will only be given to persons directly connected with administering or enforcing provisions of the programs for which you apply.


To be eligible for assistance, applicants must meet certain general requirements. For most programs you must:

  • Live in Virginia
  • Apply in the city or county where you live
  • Be a available at your request or you may send a letter to:
    Director, Division of Client Appeals
    Department of Medical Assistance Services
    600 E Broad Street
    Suite 1300
    Richmond, Virginia 23219