Storm Recovery

Riverwalk Trail Update

January 2020 

  • Latest projections show the completion date around Summer 2020.
  • Bids are due on January 30 for the installation of new bridge abutments to support the bridge, which is being fabricated and will be delivered in mid-March. The contract, which will include setting the bridge in place, is expected to be awarded in mid-February.
  • The contractor will have 120 days to complete the project, weather permitting, once a notice to proceed with construction is issued
  • Delays have been due to working through the Federal Emergency Management Agency’s process, which could result in as much as 95% to 100% reimbursement for this project by FEMA and the Virginia Department of Emergency Management.
  • Cost will likely be around $400,000, which includes engineering costs, construction of road access, and a hydrologic study. 

September 2019

  • The firm of Mattern & Craig were hired for Architectural and Engineering services for the design and replacement of both the Fall Creek Bridge and Barkers Branch Culverts. 
  • Preliminary work on these projects to include damage descriptions, surveying, testing, etc. were started the first part of the year by the firm. 
  • FEMA inspectors also reviewed the sites of both projects and have spoken with Matter & Craig regarding process and required documents on both projects.In July 2019, Mattern & Craig submitted the bridge designs to the City for a pre-fabricated steel trust bridge.   FEMA reviewed the plans and cost estimates for the bridge design and abutments.  New bridge plans call for a 10 ft wide bridge.  The pre-fabricated bridge is currently out for bid.  Once bridge manufacturer is selected, estimated time for construction completion is 120 days.  A separate contractor will be selected to install the bridge.  Estimated time for completion is spring 2020.