Notary Public

Application for Appointment as Notary Public

choi game cau caTo become a Notary or to renew a Notary Commission, you must complete an application as prescribed by the . The fee to the Secretary of the Commonwealth is $45.

choi game cau caApplications for appointment as a Notary Public are made to the Secretary of the Commonwealth. The may be printed from this site or is available at any Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court. Instructions for completion of the application are included as a part of the form.

Upon appointment as a Notary by the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth, you must appear in person in the Office of the Clerk of Circuit Court to take an oath and receive the Commission. You will be notified by letter from the Office of the Secretary of the Commonwealth when your Commission has been sent to the designated Office of the Clerk. The fee to the Clerk is $10.

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