Street Resurfacing

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2020 Street Resurfacing Program

choi game cau caThe following paving list are the streets scheduled for resurfacing in 2020. The list is subject to adjustments as funds allow and are not in order of construction. For more information on street resurfacing, call Christopher Meadows, Construction Inspection Supervisor, at 434-799-5019, ext. 2534 or the Engineering office at 434-799-5019.

choi game cau caPLEASE NOTE:  Paving schedule is subject to change due to circumstances beyond our control such as weather delays, etc.

Street Being ResurfacedStarting PointEnding Point
Allwood Court Wyndover DriveCul-de-sac
Bansbury Street Wyndover DriveCul-de-sac
Baxter StreetFicklin AvenueRocklawn Avenue
Bishop AlyEndEnd
Cabell StreetBerryman AvenueMonument Street
Cherry LaneHawthorne DriveFenton Place
Colquhoun StreetHolbrook AvenueJefferson Street
Cottage Grove Court Grove Park CirclePumpkin Creek Lane
Cottonwood Lane Piney Forest RoadSouth Woodberry
Dodson Drive South Boston RoadMountain Hill Road
Druid Lane Kemper RoadKenmore Drive
Fagan Street North Main StreetGuilford Street
Fenton PlaceLockett StreetHawthorne Drive
Ficklen AvenueBaxter StreetNorth Main Street
Greenwood Avenue Westmore DriveKemper Road
Grove Park CircleSouthland DriveSouthland Drive
Guilford Street Fagan StreetTimberlake Drive
Harris Place Lanier AvenueWooding Avenue
Hawthorne DriveRoundaboutRoundabout
Keen StreetRiverside DriveHenry Road
Kings Court Wendell Scott DriveEnd
Lowell StreetThird AvenueBradford Street
Lynch Street Halifax RoadEnd
Martindale Drive Rosemary LaneRosemary Lane
Melville Avenue Verne StreetRuskin Street
Melville Avenue Verne StreetArnett Blvd.
Monument StreetIndustrial AvenueShelton Street
Mount Cross Road Parker RoadCity Limits
Paxton StreetHolbrook AvenueJefferson Street
Pine StreetJefferson StreetChestnut Street
Princess DriveKings CourtEnd
Quail DriveRiceland StreetEnd
Ranch DriveLongview AvenueEnd
River Street Fall CreekNorth Main Street
Southland Court Southland DriveEnd
Stokes StreetJefferson StreetHolbrook Avenue
Tamworth Drive Crosland AvenueCul-de-sac
Taylor Drive College Park DriveEnd
Verne Street Arnett Blvd.Glendale Avenue
Verne Street Arnett Blvd.Melrose Drive
Vicar Road Tamworth DriveEnd
Westhampton Avenue Avondale DriveStratford Place
Westvew Drive Northmont Blvd.Parrish Road
Wyndover Drive Riverside DriveCul-de-sac
W Thomas Street (100 Block)North Main StreetOxford Street