Parks & Recreation


325 N. Floyd Street
Danville, VA 24541

PO Box 3300
choi game cau caDanville, VA 24543

(434) 799-5200

Danville's resource for services including Outdoor Recreation, Sports and Athletics, Community Recreation, Therapeutic Recreation, and Senior Services, Parks, Trails, and Picnic Shelters.

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            • Staff
              Name Title Email Phone
              Sgrinia, Bill Director of Parks and Recreation (434) 799-5200
              Craig, Gina Director of Administration Division (434) 799-5200
              Carter, Russell Communications Specialist (434) 799-5200
              Farthing, Patty Senior Secretary (434) 799-5200
              Trent, Vicki Secretary

              760 West Main Street
              choi game cau caDanville, VA 24541

              choi game cau caDanville, VA 24543

              Name Title Email Phone
              Ragsdale, Emily Facilities and Services Planner (434) 799-5215
              Fallen, Winfred Park Rentals Supervisor (434) 799-5215
              Brown, Randee Director of Maintenance Division

              125 N. Floyd Street
              choi game cau caDanville, VA 24541

              P.O. Box 3300
              choi game cau caDanville, VA 24543

              choi game cau ca(434) 799-5150

              Name Title Email Phone
              Bookheimer, Jason Director of Community Recreation Division (434) 799-5150
              Montague, Danielle Health and Wellness Program Coordinator (434) 799-5150
              Davis, Krystal Community Recreation Program Coordinator (434) 799-5150

              Danville Welcome Center 

              645 River Park Dr.
              Danville, VA 24540

              (434) 793-4636

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                    1. Staff
                      Name Title Email Phone
                      Aherron, Taylor Special Events Coordinator (434) 793-4636
                      Ferguson, Lisa Director of Special Recreation (434) 793-4636
                      Moore, Bernice Welcome Center Manager (434) 793-4636
                      Jackson , Nastassia Account Clerk

                      3194 North Main Street
                      Danville, VA 24541

                      Danville, VA 24543

                      Name Title Email Phone
                      Floyd, Jimmy Director of Sports and Athletics Division (434) 799-5214
                      Jefferson, Bradley Sports and Athletics Program Coordinator

                      119 Bradley Road
                      choi game cau caDanville, VA 24541

                      Danville, VA 24541

                      (434) 799-5199

                      Name Title Email Phone
                      Presley, Charlene Program Coordinator (434) 799-5199

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                      Contact Us

                      1. City of Danville, Virginia
                        P.O. Box 3300
                        Danville, VA 24543

                        Municipal Building:
                        427 Patton Street
                        Danville, VA 24541

                        Staff Directory

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