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City of Danville’s COVID-19 Residential Rent/Mortgage Assistance Application

  1. For more information, contact Chasta White in the Department of Community Development at 799-5260, ext. 2506

    choi game cau caThis fund will assist with delinquent mortgage and/or rent for individuals affected by COVID-19. (Affected includes: loss of job, work hours decreased, had to stay home to take care of child due to daycare or schools being closed or unable to work or apply for work due to positive COVID-19 test) The mortgage/rent must be delinquent from March 25 to current day.

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    Please complete and upload all required documentation . Incomplete application(s) or any missing documentation may delay processing your request.

  4. Residential Rent/Mortgage/Loan Assistance

    This requires 6 total files to be uploaded.

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  6. Please upload your last three (3) paystubs and one (1) prior to March 25, 2020

  7. choi game cau caMust include past due amount

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