Irish Mammies

Irish mothers do not have preferential status in Irish law

  • The notion of an exclusive mother-child relationship is not universal
  • The mother-child relationship is culturally constructed
  • The notion of an exclusive mother-child relationship emerged circa 1830
  • Mother-child relationships are influenced by social and economic forces
  • The concept of motherhood as we know it is the product of an affluent society
  • The mother child-relationship in western world constantly evolves
  • A study of 186 cultures shows that the mother was the primary or exclusive caretaker of infants only in 46% of cultures studied
  • Every culture believes that their child-rearing practices stem from nature itself

Good parenting is not the exclusive preserve of mothers let alone Irish mothers.

It is not a person’s gender, or their biological relationship to the child that determines their value as a parent but rather their ability to love, value and provide care for the child.

While there are many wonderful Irish mammies we must also acknowledge that there are many Irish children who can attest to the shortcomings of Irish mothers. There are many children who experienced only conditional love or who were not accepted by their Irish mothers for who they are. We are also all acutely aware of sad cases of neglect by Irish mammies.

Just my thoughts, as an Irish mother

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I don't believe that we are any one thing. What and who we are at any moment in time is complex and context dependent. While labels are a useful shorthand that help us to navigate the world, all too often they play into people's prejudices and preconceptions. Here is a list of labels about me that begin with the letter 'p' Psychologist, Parent, Pro-Equality, Pacifist, Photographer, Perfectionist I could just as easily select another letter and make a different list of 'About me' labels. So try not to prejudge its just a list of labels beginning with 'p'
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