Taglines and Titles

Blogging 101:

Assignment 2: Taglines and Titles

Reminds me of the Elton Documentary ‘Tantrums and Tiaras” but thats a whole other blog.

I didn’t already have a blog title so I was starting from scratch and was actually taken by surprise at how quickly and painlessly I settled on my blog title. I’m the sort of person that finds a dress in store one but insists on checking out the dresses in every other store before returning, exhausted, to buy the first dress in the first store, (often to find that they no longer have the dress in my size). Anyway suffice to say that I like to be sure to be sure.


Honesty is one of my fundamental values, it genuinely matters to me. I’m not talking about the difference between truth and lies, there are plenty of situations where it is much kinder to be economical with the truth. Any doubts I ever had about that were safely put to rest when I answered my 87 year old mum’s question about why my dad hadn’t visited her in hospital honestly, with the truth that he had died 7 years before. She had no recollection of his death and experienced the tragic news like it was the first time. Her grief was all consuming and reawakened my own.

Mum Framed

She insisted that I tell her every detail, she was distressed that she couldn’t remember and then she felt guilty that she hadn’t gone to his funeral. She had, of course attended his funeral, they had been married for 56 years, but she couldn’t recall his death or his funeral. It was very, very distressing not only for her but also for me and my family. We cried all day. So now I engage in a lot of subject changing with my mum and if the situation requires it, I lie. There is, I believe, an honesty in that. An honest acceptance of the situation and a commitment to being true to the best interests of my mum as she struggles to navigate the world without many memories.

Mum and Dad's Wedding

Mum and Dad’s Wedding 16th July 1952

So the honesty that matters to me is a fundamental honesty. Its about being. Being true to yourself and to those around you, being authentic and being honest about the things that matter. Honesty is about integrity, its about speaking up and speaking out, openly and honestly about the things that matter.

Once I had my title I was able to write my Home Page.

Honesty Matters.

It does, doesn’t it?

An honest blog about things that matter.

Things like human rights and human beings.

We can change the world one human at a time if we start with ourselves.

We are human. We are the same. We are equal.


“Jump in at the deep end, metaphorically naked”

I thought this line from my intro blog could make a nice tagline. It reflects my approach to life. I tend to jump right in there, completely exposing myself.  Its kind of my version of Nike’s  ‘Just do it’ but for being honest about the things that matter.

Aesthetically it doesn’t quite work on the blog because it wraps oddly over two lines, so for now I have gone with my second option:

‘Dare to be truthful”

I think it works well with Honesty Matters and is a nice little play on the Truth or Dare game, but I have some reservations.

So I’m pleased with my Title but still undecided about the Tagline. I may try out a few more before returning to the first one. Old habits…

Now where is my Tiara.

About sabinabrennan

I don't believe that we are any one thing. What and who we are at any moment in time is complex and context dependent. While labels are a useful shorthand that help us to navigate the world, all too often they play into people's prejudices and preconceptions. Here is a list of labels about me that begin with the letter 'p' Psychologist, Parent, Pro-Equality, Pacifist, Photographer, Perfectionist I could just as easily select another letter and make a different list of 'About me' labels. So try not to prejudge its just a list of labels beginning with 'p'
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3 Responses to Taglines and Titles

  1. Regan says:

    I commented on the Commons, too, but thought I’d leave a note here. I like the Honesty Matters title and didn’t see the play on words with matters as being the topics that you’ll write about until this post. Makes me like it even more. I also wanted to say that I really like your profile info that’s on each page with its discussion of labels and their inability to fully capture who we are. Well said.


  2. Great approach to the assignment. Great story in the middle there…

    I love your tag line, I want to use that now too!


  3. Trudi says:

    Ok, you had me at hello! 😀 I “dared” to follow you on wordpress also!


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