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Ten Things I’ve Learned

Question everything, especially yourself. Big changes come from lots of people doing little things. Running away doesn’t work because you can’t escape yourself. The actuality is frequently less painful than the imagining. Check yourself for prejudice and chose not to act on it. Measure … Continue reading

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Aylan Kurdi and Martin Reilly two little boys a century apart 

My granddad Martin Reilly was 2 years old when his parents Philip and Elizabeth took him and his five siblings on an overcrowded steamship in search of a better life in Argentina in 1889. The same age as Aylan Kurdi the little … Continue reading

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Honesty Matters: Blog Awards Ireland 2015

NEWSFLASH!! Honesty Matters has been long-listed in 2 categories in the Blog Awards Ireland 2015. Best Lifestyle Blog and Best Blog Post. In the true spirit of my blog I have to be honest though and admit that the list is very, very, long … Continue reading

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Secular education: Avoiding the tyranny of the majority

On August 8 my letter ‘A right to education without indoctrination’ was published in the Irish Times. It was an edited version of my blog  ‘Original sin, a four-year old and state-funded education’ On August 11 the Irish Times published … Continue reading

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How many child rapes occur to give rise to 600 births a year?

This photo was taken on my confirmation day one month shy of my 10th birthday It captures my mortification at being asked to hold hands with my cousin who is clearly also uncomfortable, I think he may even be blushing. I am … Continue reading

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But for the Grace of God…..

I read a piece in the Irish Times this morning about Grace Farrell an Irish woman in her thirties who froze to death in a doorway in New York City. In this poignant piece, aimed at understanding why, Michael Kealy takes us on … Continue reading

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